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Welcome to the unique Powersail range of luxury world cruisers offering the best of both worlds.  These 15m and 20m  pocket superyachts have large powerful rigs and streamlined hydro-dynamically designed hulls for true race boat sailing performance plus the remarkable capability of motoring under power at 18 knots.

The unique Powersail  performance has been made possible by two patented design breakthroughs.  Firstly a twin rudder system that transforms each rudder blade into a hydrofoil producing sufficient vertical lift to overcome the tendency of a yacht to stern squat when motoring well above its hull speed. Secondly, a custom built Z drive propulsion unit that efficiently transmits the large horsepower required when motoring at speed, but  uniquely is able to retract transversly up into a sealable hull recess when sailing, completely eliminating all underwater propulsion drag.

Powersail's 18 knots motoring speed  will extend your horizons. Imagine...                   Click above to enlarge.   More 15m  photos 
  • Motoring to  your favourite cruising destination faster than any other yacht, have plenty of time for relaxing and sailing, and be home again - all in a weekend.
  • Enjoying the pleasure of powering at speed, directly to windward at the end of a long days sailing, instead of tediously tacking home.
  • The thrill of  being able to waterski with your friends or family behind your Powersail Yacht.
  • Having all the luxuries of a superyacht in a boat you can easily sail and motor single-handed without needing an experienced crew.
  • The feeling of extra security you would enjoy owning a Powersail yacht with hundreds of horsepower driving a highly efficient propeller, if you find yourself caught on  a dangerous lee shore in storm conditions.
  • The looks of admiration you will receive from people witnessing the unexpected motoring performance of your Powersail yacht.
  • Imagine no longer, the future of luxury yachting is here, Powersail fulfills your dreams with a boat that breaks all the rules.
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